Super Scientific Circus

The Zone

An exhibit and
learning center
with hands on area
for children and
their parents.
These circus skills bring to life scientific concepts including: the center of gravity, balance, flight, centripetal force, and aerodynamics. Live demonstrations further teach these principals in a fun and funny way! An educational and historical photo display completes this exciting professional scientific program.

Activities &

Scientific Concept

Plate Spinning
Centripetal and Centrifugal Force
Rope Spinnng
Angular Motion
Feather Balancing
Center of Gravity
Aerodynamics, Flight
Gravity, Terminal Velocity
Wire Walking
Internal Balance
Optical Illusions
Light and Perception
The Zone is staffed with SSCTM company members all of whom are professional circus and variety artists.

The Trash "Zone"

This is a school wide workshop on circus skills using all “trash”, reused and recycled materials. Students learn to make and throw their own boomerangs using a pizza box, how to balance with old tree limbs, how to juggle with plastic bags, how vortexes work with soda bottles, and how to create music with cans and rubber bands. There are a series of skills from which to choose and the program can be adapted either for the classroom or for a whole school day.